Simple ways to get traffic to a new blog

When you launch a new blog, it’s pretty exciting! Most people are proud of what they’ve created and can’t wait for the whole world to see it. Unfortunately, just launching a blog is not enough. Until you tell people about it and let them know where to find it, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see any traffic.

Of course, if you’ve built it right and focus on optimizing your new blog content, then you should end up with some organic traffic through searches.This is neither easy nor fast, however. It takes time and a whole lot of work before search engine optimization (SEO) pays off for most people. While you should definitely not overlook SEO, it is not the answer to getting immediate traffic.

There are many ways that can get you traffic much faster than just relying on SEO. Not only will these methods pay off faster, they usually pay off with highly targeted traffic. The following five simple ways to get traffic to a new blog also work for an older blog and should be a part of your ongoing promotional efforts.

Utilize social media

Are you a member of any social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+? If you’re not, you should be because that’s where people are hanging out on the web today. To utilize these sites effectively, you should take a two-pronged approach. The first prong is developing a following of people who are in the same niche. Those are the people most likely to enjoy your blog. The second prong is to make sure to post regular updates that tell of and link to your blog. You could post a snippet of your latest blog post, for example, with a link to the post for them to finish reading.

Guest posting on other people’s blogs
This is a very effective strategy of getting traffic to your blog, especially if you find popular blogs that will accept your guest post. When someone puts up your content on their blog, it’s like an endorsement from that blog owner. Their readers are automatically going to find you a credible source of information. If you give them high quality content, they’ll follow your link back to your blog to read more of what you have to say.
Be part of the niche’s blog community

Read, follow and participate in blogs related to your niche. Make intelligent, thoughtful comments on the posts on those blogs. Most blog commenting forms allow you to put in your website and will link your name to your blog. When you write excellent comments that add value, other readers are more likely to click through to read your blog.

Participate in popular niche-related forums

To keep up-to-date on what’s happening in your niche, you probably already belong to a forum or two where that niche is discussed. Most forums allow you to have a signature. Use that feature to include a link to your blog and then just participate as usual. As an active, useful member of the community, others will end up checking out your link.

Put your URL on everything

Have a business card? Make sure your URL is on it. Profiles on forums, social media or other sites? Include your URL in every profile. Email clients almost always have a signature features. Why not put your URL and perhaps a quick blurb or tagline and then every email you send has your URL in it.

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