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Facebook, twitter carousel widget is give the user some extra features. sometimes user need widgets rather than short code. This widgets shows either Facebook walls or twitter twits. This widget is fully customized & featured, so that, we have developed a widget where user can select either Facebook or twitter or both.Now a days people connected with social site so that need completed by Facebook Twitter Carousel Widget.

Following are the some features of Facebook & twitter Carousel widget

Users can easily connect with social sites like facebook,twitter
Users want to create application on facebook,for this users want to create new application on facebook.
For This want to enter this URLS on site.
And click create new App to create new application.To Give name of new application App Name:,App Namespace and then continue.
After that you get App Id,App Secret id for new application.
And you specify site url for application setting complete.
And Enter application id,app secret id to facebook setting and profile or page id to get facebook post,status message.
After giving the details its create acess tokens.Its very important.
Likewise for twitter only you want to give twitter username in twitter setting.
And How many twits to show on site.
And it create widget such as Facebook Twitter Carouse Widget that should be filled all details.