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This is one of best plugin we have developed. As it has many features to add posts on your site. if suppose you have to add so many posts at a time then you can use this plugin and publish it. You also track & delete unwanted letters from all your post by using this plugin.We can upload 100 or 1000 document that is created as post. Users can also Schedule post.

Following are the features of Article posting.

  • Users can upload file like text,doc,docx and that is converted into post.
  • Users can also add the zip file with txt,doc file that be converted into post
  • Users can also add new category to new uploaded file.
  • Users can get autotag feature.
  • In this autotag 3 keywords from the title and 3 keywords from the first paragraph of each article for a total of 6 auto tags per post.
  • In this links to be many times the linked is visited or click.It also show the ip address of links.
  • Users can add stop words that stop words are removed from tags.
  • Users can also Schedule post.